About Viscel Viscel is a tool for enhanced webcomic/manga reading. You basically run it on your computer, connect to it's web interface via a web browser and start reading.
Viscel will precache the collection you read so you don't have to wait when switching pages, it allows you to set bookmarks and notice you when new pages for bookmarked collections are available.
Other features include offline reading and exporting collections to folders.
And if you miss some feature just request it via the bug tracker.
Installation Grab the newest source file from the git repository here. (You might also want to check out the project page for releases, but they are usually outdated and the latest source is stable enough.
You will also need to have perl 5.12 installed. For windows get ActivePerl.
If you have extracted the source code, you should now be able to run 'viscel.pl'. Wait some time for it to fetch the lists of supported collections and then point your web browser to your local address (i.e.
Usage should be pretty straight forward, if you have any questions pleas don't hesitate to use the bug tracker.
Troubleshooting The program does not start:
If there is some error message like "could not find ... in @INC" you might miss some modules. In that case, you have to install the missing Packages. Use ppm for ActivePerl (its included in the installation) or cpan if you dont use ActivePerl to install the Packages.

What versions of Perl are supported?
All versions (x86 x64 windows linux mac ...) of Perl 5.12 should work.

If you still have problems or questions, please use the bug tracker.